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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Cheese Course

So, I haven't really done any cooking over the last couple of days. I have, however, gone fishing and golfing and enjoyed the great outdoors as spring is here and I can't wait for BBQ season. I was researching smokers today and am thinking of building one out of an old filing cabinet that I have. On the other hand, it may be better if I just go and buy one. I saw a cool electric one at Bass Pro in Michigan the last time that I was there. I will need to see if they are available here in Canada. (yes they are)
I've also been talking to my friend Nancy about throwing a dinner party at her house. I think that I have decided on the menu. It will be 8 courses with the main course being Prime Rib. My only worry is that I will be cooking for 16 people and don't know if I will be able to find a standing rib roast big enough. I guess that I could get 2 smaller ones and do it that way which I may need to do. I think that I'll have to go to the butcher to talk to him about his suggestions. I've got a week or so to hammer out the details. The best part of the whole thing is that I have encouraged her to make it a Cook for the Cure party.
My biggest joy of the day is that I think that I have found a place to buy some of my favourite Quebec Artisanal Cheeses. I happened to be surfing about and decided to do a Google search and after many different combinations and permutations of cheese, Quebec, and Toronto etc. I was able to find a place in Etobicoke that may be an interesting place to try out. It appears to have been written up in many places and has been there for a very long time. It is called the Cheese Boutique and I am going to go there very soon.
As for that loaf of Sourdough... hopefully tomorrow.


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