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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Appetizer

And so it begins.

I do not claim to be a chef nor even a great cook. I am just a guy who loves to cook and eat great food.
I am absolutely addicted to the Food network and have tried many, many of the recipes I have seen on the various shows. I have even whipped up some fantastic meals for my friends and relatives. There is nothing quite like that feeling that one gets upon seeing the smile of content on people's faces after eating a great meal that was made with a lot of love, care and passion.

So, I have decided to embark on another mission: keeping a record of my successes and failures as a cook or wannabe chef (Thus Chef Wannabe). Here, I will share with you, my dear readers (if ever there are any) , the recipes that I have tried , their results and any other thoughts, feelings, ideas or general comments that I have regarding my life as Chef Wannabe.
I have no idea of how often I will post. I work in a seasonal field where I often find myself unemployed for long periods of time and have the luxury of being able to watch lots of tv and cook to my hearts content.
Unfortunately, when I am working, I have very long hours and sometimes go weeks without ever putting pan to flame. I guess at that point we'll just have to see what I can come up with and perhaps this new adventure will help to change that situation.
For now, I am off to the kitchen to whip up some ideas for the next post. Perhaps something on the Loaf of Bread that I am about to bake.
My spirit is rising already!


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